KBKabaret Week Nine Podcast

KBKabaret Week Nine Podcast Show Notes

A Kallaballo of Variety in Parlor City
Upstate New York: Leatherstocking Region
Show contains original skits, observations, music, and even recipes
Producer, Host, and Head Writer: Bree Harvey
Special Musical Guest: Patricia Silverberg

 Granny Ada
Old Fashioned Views by and Old Fashioned Lady
Part 1 Episode:  Granny Ada’s skewed view on Gay Adoption
Part 2 Episode:  Guest commentary on Granny Ada’s skewed views
Written by: Bree Harvey
Starring:   Judy McMahon and Kate Murray

Beulah the Tipsy Chef
Her Husband Leon is not helping her sobriety
This Week’s recipe:  Old Fashioned Brandied Pumpkin Pie
Written by:  Bree Harvey
Starring:  Judy McMahon and Bree Harvey

Musical Guest:  Patricia Silverberg
Song:  Always There

Clueless Barry
Barry Bumbles through relationships without a clue
Episode:  The Engagement
Starring:  Charles Berman:  as Barry, Pete Bowers:  as Davis

Jewish GPS
A Bubelah GPS who helps out with Dinner for 8
Written by:  Bree Harvey
Starring:  Judy McMahon and Kate Murray

Musical Guest  Patricia Silverberg
Song:  You Should Know

Food for Thought
Do you know how much you’re really saving
when paying a small upgrade fee?
Written by:  Bree Harvey
Starring:    John Montgomery, John Carey, Bree Harvey

The Triangle
Sometimes you just have to be patient with love
Written and Narrated by Bree Harvey

The Cousin
A wake-up call on Jealousy
Written by:  Bree Harvey
Starring:       Kate Murray, Charles Berman, Bree Harvey

The “D” Word
A different way of speech for a Funeral Director
Written by:  John Montgomery
Starring:       John Montgomery and Bree Harvey

Musical Guest:  Patricia Silverberg
Song:  Hear My Song
All songs from Album:  Hear My Song © 2012 by Patricia Silverberg
Available on iTunes

Sound Editor for KBKabaret is Charles Berman
Sound Editor Assistant:  Valentine Terrell-Monfeuga
All original songs written by Bree Harvey
Arrangements by Cristine Dinella

©2015KBKabaret ™  is a BHH Production LLC
All Rights Reserved