KBKabaret Week Six Podcast

KBKabaret Week Six Podcast Show Notes: Passion of Dracula Part One

Studio 271 Production Passion of Dracula Part one on KBKabaret

Part One of a Special Two Part Program of KBKabaret™, a BHH Production LLC
BHH Production LLC and KBKabaret™ present:


Starring:  Judy McMahon, Mark Roth, Bob Finley, Joe Bardales, Amber Gance, Ciano Briga, Mitch Tiffany, Bree Harvey, Samuel Westover, and John Carey
Sound Editor Charles Berman

Passion of Dracula is the first of Bree’s Holiday series for Halloween:  A TWO PART SERIES written by  Philip Hall, Eric Krebs and David Richmond

Public Performance rights granted by Susan Schulman Literary Agency LLC