Our Creator

Bree Harvey

Bree Harvey, Producer

Bree Harvey: Producer/ Head Writer

“Creativity is the foundation of existence.” – Bree Harvey
Well at least this is how this College English Composition teacher and founder Bree Harvey feels about “her” existence.

KBKabaret had really been in the works since 1962, when Bree was born.  You can’t deny the true genetic makeup of the creator of the show.
She sang before she could talk, acted before she could walk, and wrote before anyone could stop her.

“As long as I can remember, I heard stories in my head and songs in my heart.”

So when she hit the age of 50, a wave of heat came over her.  Either it was a hot flash or a midlife crisis, but non-the-less the heat was on.

She went in her living room, searched in between all the nooks and crannies of her couch cushions and voila, started a broadcast show.

“It was either now or never.  I did not want to wait until I was old and senile to say, “Gee, I had a dream and I can’t remember what it was.  Who am I?  No really, what’s my name?”

So, in a fit of panic, Bree started BHH Productions, L.L.C. in December 2014. She began to write Jingles and Songs, skits and short stories, worked on recipes, and bought a lot of alcohol (for the recipes and okay, a tiny bit for the creative KallaBalloo process.)

“I have finally come into what I was meant to be.  I have been waiting in the wings for over 40 years.  The sun and the planets are finally aligned.”
The Comedy Variety show KBKabaret™ was first broadcast on AM Radio 1290, September 21, 2015.

The weekly shows are now on a Multi-Media Show Format (radio, iTunes, YouTube, Podcasts, and app) chock full of original comedy skits, a platform for writers to submit their original works, musicians to present their original songs, and very boozy but delicious real kitchen tested recipes for you over 21 year olds to try and enjoy at home.