Recurring Characters

Granny AdaGranny Ada:  Advice Columnist
Granny Ada is a find old lady who has many grandchildren and great grandchildren…She hasn’t a bad bone in her body, she has many and she won’t hold back in her valued opinions.  Granny Ada, an old lady you won’t want and want to hear more and more from:  How sweet …

BeulahBeulah Dehsams:  Hometown Cook Extraordinaire
Our lovely neighbor, a sweet 50 something lady from the South.
She is one of the best cooks we know.
Now and then she does indulge in the spirits to keep her own spirits high, since her salesman husband Leon is on the road so much more than home.

Monty and CareyMonte and Carey: Comedy Duo
Dumb blonds? Naw, we’re lucky they even have hair! Two goof balls we found wandering about outside our studios…


MidgeMidge the Poodle Commentaries:  The World As I See It.
Midge, a societal matriarch of Upper Standard Propriety, a poodle of perception. She has come to a mature age, where through experience and keen poodle insight, can view the world from a refreshing perspective.

Paul and Betty: Parlor City’s Neighborly Couple
Although uber educated and intelligent, you would not know, unless you attended Paul’s Nuclear Engineering courses at the University. His stable and even-keeled wife Betty keeps him in check.

Clueless Barry
Poor Barry…  He’s middle aged and can’t get any, we mean any.  It’s not for his lack of trying…in fact maybe he is trying way too hard.  Hmm… guess that’s why he’s “clueless.”

The Psychic
From the land of Trans-Exotica, our strong accented mystic knows everything, we mean everything from your liverwurst sandwich you had last year to the way your permanent rollers will be wound next week….woooooo.

The Scandeler: Parlor City’s politician
We all have ‘em.  The well oiled Politician who is one person or the other, usually at the same time, needing his loyal crew to clean up the mess.

The Dysfunctionals: Sweet family in Parlor City
Ah, never a dull moment with this crew of fuzz balls.  Love or hate them, they are all we got.