KBKabaret Week Fifty Two Podcast

KBKabaret Week Fifty Two Podcast Show Notes
(For ReVolver:  Show 4)


A Kallaballo of Variety in Parlor City
Upstate New York:  Leatherstocking Region
Show contains original skits, observations, music, and even recipes
Producer, Host, and Head Writer:  Bree Harvey
Actors:  Bree Harvey, Kate Murray, Judy McMahon, Charles Berman, John Carey, and John Montgomery.
Special Musical Guests: Burns and Kristy

Granny Ada:  Parlor City’s Favorite Advice Columnist
Episode:  Wedding Gift Desire
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring Judy McMahon and Kate Murray

Beulah Dehsams Parlor City’s Chef Extraordinaire
Episode:  Beulah’s Wedding Survival
Featured Recipe:  Beulah’s Italian Wedding Menu

  • Scallops Risotto
  • Stuffed Sea Bass With Spinach, Asagio And Herbs With A Cognac Sauce
  • Apricots and Mushrooms sautéed in an Apricot Schnapps sauce
  • Champagne Vegetable Strudel.
  • Tiramisu Wedding Cake

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Written by Bree Harvey
Starring Judy McMahon, Bree Harvey, and Kate Murray

Midge the Poodle and The World As I See It
Episode:  Parties
Starring and Written by: Midge

Burns and Kristy
Interview with Terry Burns and Ron Kristy
“Caravan,” written by Ron Kristy

Phantom Video
Written by John Montgomery
Starring:  John Carey, John Montgomery, Kate Murray, and Bree Harvey

The Dysfunctionals
Episode:  The Art Class
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring Bree Harvey, Kate Murray, John Montgomery, and John Carey

Burns and Kristy
“Jesus and James Dean,” written by Terry Burns, Cathy Majesky and Susan Longacre

The Refrigerator Repair Man
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring:  Kate Murray and John Carey

Burns and Kristy
“Let’s Run Away,” Written by Terry Burns and Ron Kristy

The Chuck Barrister Show
Written by John Carey
Starring:  John Carey and John Montgomery

Burns and Kristy
“So Many Angels” written by Terry Burns

Sound Engineer and Announcer:  Charles Berman
Assistant Sound Engineer:  Valentine- Terrell- Monfeuga
Original Music Written By Bree Harvey
Arraigned by Cristina Dinella and Dave Rice of Basement Studios
Produced by BHH Productions L. L. C.
©2016 All rights reserved.
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