KBKabaret Week Seventy Four Podcast

KBKabaret Week 74 Podcast Show Notes

A Kallaballo of Variety in Parlor City
Upstate New York:  Leatherstocking Region
Show contains original skits, observations, music, and even recipes
Producer, Host, and Head Writer:  Bree Harvey
Actors:  Bree Harvey, Judy McMahon, Kate Murray, Bonnie DeForest, Charles Berman, John Carey, and John Montgomery.
Special Guest:  Kate Murray, Valentine Monfuega
Musical Guests:  (in order of appearance) Carol Mikoda, Craig Charles,
Bree Harvey and Burns and Kristie

Granny Ada
Distressed with Distrust
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring Judy McMahon and John Montgomery

Parlor City’s Chef Extraordinaire:  Beulah Dehsams
Beulah in Sydney, Australia
Written by Bree Harvey
Featured Recipes:  Rosemary Sweet Potato Vegemite Pizza
Tipsy Lemon Marmalade
Starring Judy McMahon, Bree Harvey and John Carey

Monty and Carey Valentines Day
Written by John Montgomery
Starring John Montgomery, John Carey, Bonnie DeForest, and Judy McMahon.

The Gift
Written and Sung by Carol Mikoda

911 Valentine
Written by John Carey
Starring Kate Murray and John Carey

My Wedding Day
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring Bree Harvey, John Montgomery, Kate Murray, John Carey, and Valentine Monfuega

“You’re Still Here”
Written and Sung by Craig Charles

Clueless Barry
Episode: Calling the Cops
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring Charles Berman and John Carey
Special Appearance by Kate Murray

Gonna Find A Man Tonight
Written and Sung By Bree Harvey

Valentine Messages Sent in By Our KBKabaret Audience
Read by Producer Bree Harvey

11.  Jesus and James Dean
Written by Terry Burns
Sung by Burns and Kristie

Sound Engineer and Announcer:  Charles Berman
Assistant Sound Engineer:  Valentine- Terrell- Monfeuga
Original Music Written By Bree Harvey
Music Arranged by Cristina Dinella and Dave Rice of Basement Studios
Produced by BHH Productions L. L. C.
©2017 All rights reserved