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Get Big Fat Ass on CDBaby
“My Big Fat Ass” © 2016 is a show tune-esque (almost rap) parody of regrettably, true conversations between Bree Harvey’s mother and herself. It is, however, fortunate that Bree has as big of a sense of humor and self worth as…ahem…her ass.

  •       Live Well
  •       Set Me Free
  •       Sassy
  •       Simple Girl
  •       Why
  •       Online Fever
  •       I Dream About You
  •       Find Hope


Flight of the Unexplored

  •       Flickers of Light
  •       You Dreamed For Me
  •       America
  •       You're the One
  •       Passing Of Our Fears
  •       In Tune With Me
  •       Damn It I'm Good
  •       Hear Me Sigh - Bree Harvey
  •       Why Didn't You Say
  •       Find a Man
Bree Harvey on KBKabaret

Over the past few years Bree Harvey has written over 25 songs and channeled her inner angst into her music and comedy writing.

Christmas Songs

Get Santa Rap on CDBaby
Santa Rap is Producer/Song Writer Bree Harvey’s 3rd compositional collaboration with Dave Rice, Musician, Song Writer, and Sound Engineer. Bree came up with the Misunderstood Kid in Santa Rap and Dave Responded as Santa. The Song is a Comedy Rap for the Holidays.

  •       This is Our Time
  •       Magic of Christmas
  •       Happy Times Baby
  •       Winter