KBKabaret Week Ten Podcast

KBKabaret Week Ten Podcast Show Notes

Holiday Special Edition With Thanksgiving Surprises

A Kallaballo of Variety in Parlor City
Upstate New York:  Leatherstocking Region
Show contains mostly original skits, observations, music, poetry, and even recipes
Producer, Host, and Head Writer:  Bree Harvey
Actors:  Bree Harvey, Kate Murray, Judy McMahon, Charles Berman, John Carey, John Montgomery
Special Musical Guests:  The Picklers

Advice with Granny Ada
Episode:  Pretty Man
Bullying in School
Written by  Bree Harvey
Starring: Judy McMahon

Beulah Parlor City’s Chef Extraordinaire.
Episode:  Brandied Pumpkin Pie
Beulah relaxed after the Spa but just you wait…
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring: Judy McMahon and Bree Harvey

The Dysfunctionals
Episode:  Watching a Movie
Family get together for Mamma’s choice
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring:  Kate Murray, Charles Berman, Molly Murray, Bill Murray, Bree Harvey

Musical Guests:  The Picklers
Dave Rice
“Crash” Landon
Sarah Rice
1st Song: Butter Biscuit By Dave Rice

The Grocery Store
Episode:  Busy body Grocery lady looks into everything.
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring: Kate Murray, Bill Murray, Bree Harvey

Irish GPS
Episode:  Headstrong GPS
Written by Bill and Kate Murray
Starring: Kate and Bill Murray

The Picklers (cont’d)
Interview with  “Crash” Landon  Dave Rice
2nd  Song: Just Cause
Written by Dave Rice

The Wedding
Ah…Love or is it?
Written and Narrated by Bree Harvey

From the Unpublished Manuscripts of John Samuel Heasley
Read by Charles Berman

A parishioner who’s well “traveled.”
Written by Bill and Kate Murray
Starring:  Bill Murray, Charles Berman

3rd Song: Yes She Does (No She Don’t)
By California Rambles

Short Tall Tale
Can two heights get together?
Written by John Montgomery
Starring Kate Murray and John Montgomery

Thanksgiving 911
Family fight
Written by John Carey
Starring:   John Montgomery, John Carey

The Pickler’s
Final Song:  Lulu’s Back in Town  by Chick Bullock

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