KBKabaret Week Twenty Six Podcast

KBKabaret Week Twenty Six Podcast

St Patrick’s Special
Brought to you by “Slo Me Down.”
Musical Guest:  Brian Hyland

A Kallaballo of Variety in Parlor City
Upstate New York:  Leatherstocking Region
Show contains mostly original skits, observations, music, poetry, and even recipes
Producer, Host, and Head Writer:  Bree Harvey
Actors:  Bree Harvey, Kate Murray, Judy McMahon, Dawn Gould Charles Berman, John Carey, John Montgomery, Molly Murray and Valentine-Terrell-Monfeuga, Pete Bowers

Granny Ada
Episode:  Exercise
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring Judy McMahon and Bree Harvey

Beulah Dehsams Chef Extraordinaire
Episode:  Irish Goodness
Starring Judy McMahon and Bree Harvey

Musical Guest:  Brian Hyland
Song:  “Spancil Hill”

911  Leprechaun
Written John Carey
Starring Kate Murray and John Carey

Written by Bill and Kate Murray
Starring:  John Montgomery, Kate Murray, and Bill Murray

“South Wind” sung by Brian Hyland

Irish GPS
Written by Bill and Kate Murray
Starring Kate and Bill Murray

Rosin the Bow:  Sung by Brian Hyland

Commercial Skit:  “Slo Me Down”
Written by:  Bree Harvey
Starring:   John Carey, John Montgomery, Charles Berman, and Bree Harvey

Written by :  Bill Murray
Starring:  Charles Berman and Bill Murray

Dottie the Ditz
Episode:  Stockings
Starring:  Dawn Gould and John Carey

St. Patrick’s Day Party at the Bank
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring:  Bill Murray, John Carey, Kate Murray, John Montgomery, and Bree Harvey
Special Guest: Brian Hyland

Psychic Drive Thru
Written by: Charles Berman and Pete Bowers
Starring:  Pete Bowers and Charles Berman

Wild Colonial Boy:  Sung by Brian Hyland

Sound Engineer and Announcer:  Charles Berman
Assistant Sound Engineer:  Valentine- Terrell- Monfeuga
Original Music Written By Bree Harvey
Arraigned by Cristina Dinella

Produced by BHH Productions L. L. C.
©2016 All rights reserved.

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