KBKabaret Week Two Podcast

KBKabaret Week Two Podcast Show Notes

Variety show in Parlor City
Upstate New York:  Leatherstocking Region
Show contains mostly original skits, observations, music, poetry, and even recipes.
Hosts:  Bree Harvey and Kate Murray
Sound Engineer:  Charles Berman
Actors:  Bree Harvey, Kate Murray, Judy McMahon, Charles Berman, Pete Bowers, John Carey, John Montgomery, and Molly Murray
Special Musical Guest:  Chris Divers

Granny Ada Written by Bree Harvey
A strong opinionated advice columnist you love to hate.
Episode:  Pretty Boy
Son is being bullied in school and Granny Ada gives advice.
Starring Kate Murray and Judy McMahon

Beulah the Drunken Chef
Beulah Deshams is the host’s, Bree Harvey’s, neighbor who gives wonderful recipes (Which can be found on KBKabaret.com website) She always gets drunk and always leaves us on a high note.
Episode: Recipe for Beef Bourgogne
Written by Bree Harvey
While Beulah is cooking she shares her husband may be cheating on her.  Meanwhile she is getting plastered.
Starring Judy McMahon and Bree Harvey

Musical Guest:  C. Divers Ambient Music is created electronically and has smooth tones and rhythms
Featured song #1:  Little Miss Boca by C. Divers

Weather Report Skit by John Carey and starring John Carey
Crazy weather reporter  Stan Hammer, putting himself out to the elements:  even straps himself on a rocket

Oh Too Bad by John Carey
Nothing is going right for the boss Mr. Cypher.  Everyone dies, blows up, gets destroyed…Even his coffee goes bad…ahh too bad
Starring John Carey, John Montgomery, and Bree Harvey

Featured song #2: Back Road by C. Divers
Music selection Ambient Music is created electronically and has smooth tones and rhythms

Paternity Pete Written by John Montgomery
The daddy guy takes care of the ones who expectantly get into the family way (pregnant or knocked up).
This Episode: Paternity Pete finds a daddy for a woman through a game show.
Starring:  John Carey, John Montgomery, and Bree Harvey

Narcoleptic Anchor brought to you by Siesta Vista
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring:  Molly Murray, Kate Murray, Bill Murray, Charles Berman, John Montgomery, and John Carey

The Dysfunctionals by Bree Harvey
This is about a dysfunctional family Ruth, Stanley, Ruth, Howard, Elizabeth.
Episode:  The Dinner
Ruth and Stanley are 3 hours late for dinner at their daughter Ruth’s house.  Howard Ruth’s  husband and Elizabeth their daughter, try to calm Ruth down when her father attacks her, her food, and gay people.
Starring:  Kate Murray, Bill, Murray, Molly Murray, and Bree Harvey

911:  Appointment for Murder
Written by John Carey
Starring John Carey and Bree Harvey

Short Story This Week:  The Wedding By Bree Harvey
Margaret is getting married after only knowing the groom for 3 months.
Things get weird when her father gets plastered and her best friend asks her to marry him.
Read by Bree Harvey

Music Selection Featured song #3 Meanders:  by C. Divers
Ambient Music is created electronically and has smooth tones and rhythms

The Scandeler by Bill and Kate Murray
Skit about skanky politician who never tells the truth.
Interview with  Skanky Mayor
Did you sleep with everyone in this press conference?
Starring Kate Murray, Bill Murray, Pete Bowers, and Bree Harvey

Confessional By Bill and Kate Murray
This skit is about a man in a small time town who has slept with 347 women in the year and goes to confession. But what is he really confessing?
Starring:  Bill Murray and Charles Berman

Quiet Football Written by Bree Harvey, John Carey, John Montgomery
Starring:  Kate Murray, John Carey, John Montgomery, and Bree Harvey

All songs outside of the featured guest are written by Bree Harvey
Musical Arrangements by Cristina Dinella
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