KBKabaret Week Seventy Six Podcast

KBKabaret Week Seventy Six Podcast Show Notes

A Kallaballo of Variety in Parlor City
Upstate New York:  Leatherstocking Region
Show contains original skits, observations, music, and even recipes
Producer, Host, and Head Writer:  Bree Harvey
Actors:  Bree Harvey, Judy McMahon, Kate Murray, Bonnie DeForest, Charles Berman, John Carey, and John Montgomery.
Special Musical Guest :  Ken Waldman

Granny Ada
Nosey Neighbor
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring Judy McMahon and Bonnie DeForest

Parlor City’s Chef Extraordinaire:  Beulah Dehsams
Beulah on the Cruise Part II
Written by Bree Harvey
Featured Recipes:  Chicken Lap Lap (Amazing Traditional Recipe from the South Pacific) and a Chardonnay pairing
This and all of Beulah’s Amazing Recipes can be found on our KBKabaret app.
Just go to:   https://kbkabaret.com
Starring Judy McMahon, Bree Harvey and John Carey

The Grouch
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring John Montgomery, Judy McMahon, and Bonnie DeForest

Musical Guest: Ken Waldman
“Tom and Sally’s Waltz”

Yesterday and Today
Written John Montgomery
Starring John Montgomery, John Carey, Judy McMahon and Bonnie DeForest

Musical Guest:  Ken Waldman
“When Meat was Meat”

Screwy Louis
Written by John Carey
Starring John Carey, John Montgomery, and Judy McMahon

Musical Guest: Ken Waldman
“Burnt Down House”

Coffee Dilemma
Written by Bree Harvey
Starring Judy McMahon, with John Montgomery, and John Carey

Musical Guest Ken Waldman
“A Week in Eek”

Sound Engineer and Announcer:  Charles Berman
Assistant Sound Engineer:  Valentine- Terrell- Monfeuga
Original Music Written By Bree Harvey
Music Arranged by Cristina Dinella and Dave Rice of Basement Studios
Produced by BHH Productions L. L. C.
©2017 All rights reserved